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state of the craftypros address!

Sorry about some late posts, guys... it seems the moderation queue has not always been sending me emails to tell me that someone submitted something. However, I got the queue out; everything in it has been approved, albeit a bit late. If you haven't just seen three nice posts, two about accomplishments and one with a display query, pop by the community page and check them out.

I am considering discontinuing moderation here, but I'm not sure, because the last time this comm was unmoderated, people abused that status and were taking the community offsubject. I allow a lot of the kinds of posts that I initially said I wouldn't - question posts - because mainly they are sourcing questions, and that's pretty legit. I'd rather people used Google, etc, for that kind of thing, but given the wide variety of info online it can be hard to find what you want even with google and froogle. So I think those kinds of questions are OK. I don't really like moderating; I tend to be pretty hands-off about the comms I run.

I just don't want to have a community devoted to what glue you use to glue stuff to magnets or Altoid tins, or where you can learn to knit/crochet. This community is basically for people who already know that stuff, and know professional technique, and want to show off what they've done. I don't want to say it's an "elite" community, cos it's not like I'd make people apply or anything. I would just prefer that the people who post be pretty confident that they mostly know what they're doing.

I heard on the news the other day that cross-stitching is, statistically, still the most popular craft in the US. You wouldn't know it to look at bookstores, etc, and I'm surprised it's cross-stitching full-stop. (If it were the more encompassing "needlework/embroidery" - including needlepoint, crewel, cross-stitch, blackwork, whitework, etc - I would totally believe it.) I used to do some cross-stitch but often got bored with it. I'm thinking of trying needlepoint, where you get more durable results with less labor (you don't have to go back over a row of stitches to "cross" them). Anyone else interested in branching out with their crafty ventures? It's spring - always a good time to try something new! :)
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