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Hullo, new member.

I love to make jewelry. Honestly, anything crafty I can get my hands on makes me happy (crochet! <3). I own Seven Sirens Studios, and I run the Independent Database Project, which is a free resource listing any and all independent businesses, record labels, musicians, etc... I have a fair sized section for craftsters under 'Resources' but if anyone here has anything they'd like to see listed lemme know and I'll put 'em up.

Two of my favourite crafty business resources.

PDX Supercrafty has lots of great business information and advice.

The Sampler "is an ever-changing monthly collection of samples, goodies, promos and more from indie crafters, record labels and zines - mailed right to your door!" And also a great way for you to promote your crafty business. Hopefully I'll be able to send in a contribution this month.

I made these little devil toys into charms. <3 'em.

I really want to get my models together for a photoshoot because this looks so much better ON someone.

If I don't sell this in within the month I'm probably going to keep it. It's a drilled domino with big vintage beads. Loves me some chunky jewelry. ^.^

Made with old computer parts (and by old I mean ancient). Supposed to look like a parrot in a cage.

Rat pin!

Another necklace I need to get on a model. Fave part? Teapot and spoon toggle. How cool is that?

That's all for now. ^_^

I just created a new community, promoswap.

Promo Swap is a place where small business owners (anyone from the makers of fine indie goods, to record labels, to zinesters) can swap promotional materials.

Note to the mods: if the community promo isn't cool, let me know and I'll edit my post. I didn't see anything specifically saying I couldn't but just in case.
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