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This is a community for advanced crafters who want to share their ideas and finished products. Post photos of your projects: make sure your host allows direct linking, or else get an online photo album and give us a text link to it; if you cannot get a photo album, please drop the moderator a line and she may host your pics for you for a short time. Also post as much "how-to" detail as you like.

Also acceptable are posts about cool new products you've found, or articles or TV segments you saw, or interesting things you found on the web (and hey, if it's from a craft entrepreneur, don't complain about the price - they have a right to be paid for their work and the cost of running their biz over the cost of supplies).

NOT ACCEPTABLE are advertising posts, unless you think that your item for sale is of interest to the community. For example, a single hand letterpress for sale is an acceptable post. Your ebay auction listings are not. Your new website is not, in advertisement terms, except insofar as it is showing off your work. Showing off your work is better done as part of a post than as a link to a website where, gee, stuff can coincidentally be bought.

Lurkers are welcome! However,

Any questions or comments related to a post should be posted as replies, not new posts on the community. Absolutely no "how do I ______?" or "what should I do with [metal tin, extra yarn, etc]?" posts will be tolerated. Any community member who makes such a post will immediately be removed and banned from the community.If you need ideas, browse, but don't post asking for them.

There are already excellent resources for this information on livejournal, such as the "memories" page for the wonderful community craftgrrl. There is also a community specifically devoted to marble magnets: marble_madness (please note that all glass marble craft questions are banned from craftgrrl).

To address some common questions:

To paint on metal, you need enamel-type paints formulated for metal. Try model enamels (Testor's is the common brand) and spraypaints; also try ordinary nailpolish.

To glue to metal, glass, and magnets, you can try 527 Cement or a two-part epoxy.

Yes, there are special paints available to create a chalkboard surface or a magnetic surface. Follow the directions on the can. You can also get paints that mimic stone, metal, hammered metal, pearl, and lacquer.

All of these items are available either at your local craft store, or at a store like Home Depot or Lowe's. Get out the phone book and call around.

Learn to Knit and Learn to Crochet - or check out links from ChicKnits and WendyKnits. You can also take a class at your local yarn or craft store; call around and ask. It's better to take a class. The DIY Network occasionally shows a knitting program called Knit One, Purl Two, which is worth catching if you can.

On lj, check out knitting, punk_knitters, knittingpretty, and crochet.

For knitting and crochet supplies -
In your phone book, look in the business listings under "yarn". They will show your LYS - local yarn shop - if you have one. If not, the local craft store & online suppliers like Patternworks, Eknitting, and Handworks Gallery are your best bet. I recommend wooden needles by Brittany, bamboo needles by Clover, or metal Addi Turbo needles. Lion Brand yarns are the best yarns available at most craft stores, and if you go that route, I recommend Susan Bates needles over Boye needles.

Also check out the craft sections of your local bookstore or library - they are full of information on almost any crafty topic you could name. Magazines are particularly good starting points, since most have basic how-to information and precise supply lists for US$5 or less. Address any other questions to the communities I've already mentioned, where people will be happy to help you with them! :)